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  • TESELA: a new Virtual Observatory tool to determine blank fields for astronomical observations
    Cardiel, N.; Jiménez-Esteban, F. M.; Alacid, J. M.; Solano, E.; Aberasturi, M.
    See in ADS: 2011MNRAS.417.3061C



  • Measuring mean densities of δ Scuti stars with asteroseismology. Theoretical properties of large separations using TOUCAN
    Suárez, J. C.; García Hernández, A.; Moya, A.; Rodrigo, C.; Solano, E.; Garrido, R.; Rodón, J. R.
    See in ADS: 2014A&A...563A...7S

  • An in-depth study of HD 174966 with CoRoT photometry and HARPS spectroscopy. Large separation as a new observable for δ Scuti stars
    García Hernández, A.; Moya, A.; Michel, E.; Suárez, J. C.; Poretti, E.; Martín-Ruíz, S.; Amado, P. J.; Garrido, R.; Rodríguez, E.; Rainer, M.; and 11 coauthors
    See in ADS: 2013A&A...559A..63G