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  • Latest version: Aladin v8. (February 2014)
  • Mosaics
    • Mutiview 4
    • File/Open/Aladin images --> Target: M51 (tick on Survey 2MASS J)
    • File/Open/Aladin images --> Target 202.3 47.0 (tick on Survey 2MASS J) 
    • Image/Mosaic Image builder (or "assoc" button)--> Specify the images in the order you prefer. Click "create"
  • RGB 
    • File/Open/Aladin images --> Target: 17:37:52.78 18:35:21.5 (tick on Survey POSS I, Color: 0.41 um; ObsID:448, size: 13.0' x 13.0'. Also tick on POSSII, ObsID: 588, Color: 0.491 um, size: 13.0' x 13.0' and on 2MASS J)
    • Image/RGB Image builder(or "rgb" button) --> Specify the images in the order you prefer. Click "create"
  •  Convolution
    • File/Open/Other/SuperCosmos images --> Target: 17:45 -29:00
    • Image/Convolution --> Other kernels: Tophat-5pix.
  • Astrometrical calibrations
    • Image/Astrometrical calibration
  • Field of view
    • File/Open/Aladin images --> Target: M51 (tick on Survey 2MASS J)
    • File/Load instrument FoV
  • Sextractor
    • Tools/Remote tools/Tools/sextractor
  • Script console
    • Tools/script console
  • Macro console
    • Tools/macro console
  • Search in the VO
    • File/Load from the Virtual Observatory
  • SAMP interoperability
    • Interop/Broadcast select tables to
  • Multi-Order Coverage (MOC)
    • Method for describng sky regions. Provide a very fast comparison mechanism between coverage maps.
    • Based on the HEALPix sky tesellation (equal-area diamonds) ( 
    • More info at:
      • Given an image, create its MOC
        • File/Open/Aladin images --> Target: M51 (tick on Survey 2MASS J)
        • Coverage/Generate from image 
      • Load a Vizier MOC on top on an imagr
        • Coverage/Load a specifical catalog MOC
      • Given a catalogue, create its MOC
        • Coverage/Generate from catalog.
      • MOC logical operations (union, intersection, substraction),
        • Coverage/Logical operations
  •  Dynamical proper motions

    • File/Open/Aladin images --> Target: 17:37:52.78 18:35:21.5 (tick on 2MASS J).
    • Surveys --> PPMXL --> Submit. 
    • Click on the "epoch" bar (below Aladin planes) to see how stars move when epoch changes. 
  • HIPS
    • Aladin provides access to progressive sky surveys with the capability to zoom and pan on any regions ('à  la Google maps').
    • See a survey at any scale, even the whole sky. 
    •  File/Progressive sky (HIPS)/Image/Optical/SDSS/SDSS9 r



  • Latest version: TOPCAT is version 4.2-1, released 13 November 2014.
  • CDS Upload X-match window
    • The CDS Upload X-Match Window allows you to join a local table with any table provided by the VizieR database of astronomical tables or with SIMBAD. The service is very fast, and in most cases it is the best way to match a local table against a large external table hosted by a service. In particular, it is almost certainly much better than using the Multi-Cone window.

    • More into at:

  • New plotting capabilities

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