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Data publication in the Virtual Observatory

The purpose of this page is to provide practical information about how to publish you data holdings into the VO.

Depending of your needs and your technical experience, SVO offers two ways to publish your data into the VO:

  • If you are a Spanish data provider with little technical expertise or you do not want to manage the archive, you can contact us ( Using our infrastructure we will host your data and will build a VO-compliant archive for them (of course with the appropriate credits for the group that created the data).
  •  If, on the other hand, you are a data provider (not necessarily a Spanish data provider) who have the willingness and the necessary manpower and expertise to manage your archive, you can use the following VO publishing tools developed by the Spanish Virtual Observatory:
    • SVOCat to publish tables and catalogues in the VO through a ConeSearch service. (Documentation)
    • MySpec-MyImg to publish 1D images and spectra in the VO through SIAP and SSAP. (See more)

Should you are interested in using any of these tools, do not hesitate to contact us ( and we will send you the software and associated documentation.

NOTE: When publishing, please keep in mind that once your service is in the registry, it is part of a large distributed information system (the Virtual Observatory). When your service fails or misbehaves, the user experience for the whole VO is degraded. So, please, remove your service from the registry if you stop running it.


You can also follow this tutorial:



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