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First SVO Workshop on data publishing in the Virtual Observatory

Centro de Astrobiología (INTA-CSIC)
8-9 Abril 2014

The Spanish Virtual Observatory is organizing a workshop on how to publish data in the VO. The workshop will be held at Centro de Astrobiología (campus Villafranca del Castillo. Building D. Room D1), Madrid on April 8 and 9.


The goal of this two day workshop is to bring together SVO staff and data providers to foster an interchange of ideas and requirements. Data providers are invited to give talks on their work and needs, while SVO staff will introduce technologies and software to make data publishing in the Virtual Observatory easier, more effective and more sustainable. Much of the program will be devoted to practical cases on how to implement VO standards in existing archives and how to develop a VO archive from scratch. 


 We invite contributions from data providers on all aspects of publishing data to the VO and the use of VO standards. If you want to contribute,  please include a title and a short abstract when you register. Also, if you plan to bring your data to the workshop, fill in the "Use case" box with some description of your dataset.

Deadline for abstracts: March 21, 2013


Organizing Committee

  • Enrique Solano (chair)

  • José Manuel Alacid

  • Mauro López

  • Carlos Rodrigo

  • Almudena Velasco


For any information about the Workshop, contact us at:




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